Finsbury, London

3 Broadgate Marketing Suite

Material used

Material type Terrazzo cement
Areas used Floor with engraved map
Project completion year 2019
Client British Land
Architect Orms


Earlier in 2019, Orms completely transformed 3 Broadgate Marketing Suite – an important public link between two bustling public spaces; Broadgate Circle and Finsbury Avenue Square. This project is part of British Land and GIC’s wider vision for Broadgate. InOpera supplied terrazzo flooring for the ground floor with an engraved map of the surrounding area.

Much skill and attention to detail were required from our designers and manufacturers at Aglotech to create these details. It has been an exciting project for us.

Originally, the building was designed in the eighties. With pink granite cladding and large tinted window panes, it reflected its surrounding buildings and made a stern futuristic statement. The new version, on the other hand, seems to embrace and mingle with its environment, providing an attractive and welcoming route for the passers-by.

Orms have kept the cylindrical form of the 3 storey building and have created a larger arched opening in front of a fully glazed facade. A new coffee kiosk has been incorporated into the design for those speeding across the neighbourhood. The old cladding has been replaced with a veil made up of laser-cut anodised aluminium tiles, that appear to be hung.

For the floor design on the ground floor, we’ve used SB172 GRIGIO PERLA cement-based terrazzo. Once manufactured, the tiles were assembled and installed on-site, like a jigsaw puzzle, to reveal the engraved map of the area. The central cylindrical stand displaying a miniature model of Broadgate is situated at the exact location of the marketing suite on the aforementioned map.