Eyewear Department, Selfridges


Alex Cochrane Architects

Oxford Street, London

Materials used
Violeg Terrazzo

In 2019, London’s famous Selfridges department store has opened the biggest accessories hall in the world. It displays an impressive collection of over 2,200 unique eyewear pieces from various brands.
The department was designed and renovated by a London-based Alex Cochrane Architects.
It’s one of the three departments at the store, along with The Body Studio and Veuve Clicquot, where we’ve supplied our terrazzo material.
The total space takes up 372 sqm’s. This grand hall constitutes a coherent vision of balance and symmetry in design.
Selfridges said it looked to create “a sense of temple-like grandeur”.

InOpera Group manufactured and supplied the predominant material of choice, terrazzo, that make up the display stands, shelves and wall claddings. The Violeg terrazzo, is a blend of small-sized black, white and grey marble chips, is from our standard collection and is in a brushed finish.

There are also five feature walls, each presenting a unique feature format with geometrical structure and playful integrated lighting.
One of the displays was featured on the cover of FX Magazine in 2019.
We love how the neutral shade of the stone is offset against the glint of brass and warm shades of walnut and rosewood shelves and counters.
If you want to find out more about the process of customization of our terrazzo materials, read our blog Complete Guide to Terrazzo Specifications and Design.
Material used

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