Mathew Street, Liverpool

Cricket Fashion MetQuarter

Material used

Material type Terrazzo resin
Quantity supplied ~ 50 sq m
Areas used Wall claddings, countertops, shelves, floors
Project completion year  2019
Client  Cricket Fashion
Architect R2 Architecture
Installer  SJS Liverpool


In 2019, Liverpool’s ultimate fashion retailer Cricket Fashion has been fully redesigned and reimagined by R2 Architects – the award-winning practice, known for its innovative and dynamic design.

InOpera Group worked in close collaboration with the architects to deliver a result that matches the retail brand’s core values. Also, it has been exciting to see how traditional materials such as marble and terrazzo can be integrated into a cutting-edge architectural design.

The existing unit, located in Cavern Walks on Liverpool’s famous Mathew Street has been radically changed by introducing a new staircase into the unit that connects men’s and women’s floors and extends up to a concealed stock area. This vertical connection has been moved into a window to create a three-dimensional catwalk that animates the street elevation.
The innovative concept has been extended further into the choice of material as well.
For this project, the architects chose resin-based terrazzo tiles with white Calacatta marble chips. The tiles were used as a cladding for the feature wall. The resin base allows the tiles to be much thinner and lighter than the traditional cement-based terrazzo tiles.
The polished finish of the stone surface matches the lustre of the mirror and metal trims of the display shelves. Together with the cool-shaded slate floors, animated walls and strobe lights – the combination makes up a unique and futuristic look.