Broadgate Circle

Exchange Square

Material type Bespoke terrazzo manufactured from quarry waste & with bespoke re-colouration
Quantity supplied 3000+ unique custom-designed terrazzo pieces
Project completion year 2022
Client British Land
Architect Architect, Urban Designer and Landscape Architect (DSDHA)
Installer Maylim
Award Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2021


Exchange Square, designed by DSDHA, is a refurbishment of a major 1.5-acre public park above the tracks of Liverpool Street Station in London. Our terrazzo was supplied throughout, including water features, amphitheatre steps, paving and planter edges with complex 3D pieces. The challenge for In Opera was to provide over 3000 pieces, 90% of which were unique and many having to fit into each other perfectly. The 1.5-acre park will see a four-fold increase in the amount of planting and dramatically enhance biodiversity, with 25% of the area featuring green space that is accessible to all.

Quadrupling the amount of green space at Broadgate, the aim is to boost the emotional and physical well-being of those that work at Broadgate and the local community while supporting British Land’s commitment to sustainability and biodiversity.

We are proud to have been involved in such a major development, which aims to draw people together and help the communities thrive in a better environment. What was once a dark uninviting space has been transformed into a light and welcoming place where people can truly live, where communities and businesses can thrive, and that helps the planet to flourish. It is a more attractive, less corporate environment for Broadgate, which creates places to dwell, not just pass through.