About In Opera Group


InOpera Group has been manufacturing Terrazzo, Porcelain, Marble, Granite and Limestone materials in Northern Italy and Portugal for almost fifty years. We comprise of many factories and brands, and provide specialist services for Construction professionals; Building Owners, Architects, Surveyors and Interior Designers.

History of InOpera

InOpera Group was found during the late ‘60s in Northern Italy, a region known for its rich quarries of marble and other natural stones. Along with the mining industry, the production of natural stone surfaces, terrazzo and porcelain tiles boomed in the area.

This industrious history has formed a community of artisans, manufacturers and specialists who had inherited generations of expertise and skills. InOpera Group is proud to represent some of these oldest factories and manufactures of the country, and support their operations and legacy.

For these past five decades, we have been successfully facilitating a direct collaboration between the professionals in the UK and the product manufacturers in Italy.

Today InOpera Group is one of the largest suppliers in Great Britain, working closely with the architects and firms in charge of projects, such as Heathrow and Gatwick International Airports, Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Academy of Arts and other iconic sites and buildings.

Our Ethos

Recycling, reusing and restoring are keywords in all of our operations.

The impressive marble quarries at the skirts of Apuan Alps have been a raw cradle for art and architecture since Roman times. Today, tons of marble slabs travel not just 200 miles down to Rome, but 3,000 miles to Abu Dhabi and 5,000 to Beijing. Demand for this luxury grows by the day, so does the need for a more resourceful and environmentally-friendly design solution and application.

We aim to support the operations of the small and medium-sized factories which pay close attention to their manufacturing procedures and support our ethos by recycling wastes produced from the quarries.
We are ISO 14001 certified and meet international standards of an effective environmental management system.

We are advocates of lasting style, practicality and quality in design. That’s why we invest extra effort into educating and informing customers about the correct application and care of our materials by offering free CPD courses and events, installation and technical consultations.