All of our Porcelain flooring, mosaic and tiling materials are sourced directly from manufacturers in Northern Italy.

Wide range of design and size variety
Highest quality standard
Through-body printing of the surface design
Easy to install
Extremely durable

Larger sized samples and bespoke designs are available upon request.

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Blutech Antracite

Blutech Avorioa

Blutech Beige

Blutech Bianco

Blutech Cemento

Blutech Cenere

Cement Project Color-10 Land

Cement Project Color-20 Land

Cement Project Color-30 Land

Duke White

Highstone Dark

Highstone Decor Cold

Highstone Decor Warm

Highstone Greige

Highstone Grey

Highstone Light

Highstone Pearl

Jura Stone

Lithos Carbon

Lithos Desert

Lithos Moon

Lithos Stone

London Grey


Silkystone Greige

Silkystone Light

Silkystone Sand

Silkystone Taupe

X-Beton Dot-30

X-Beton Dot-50

X-Beton Dot-70