Exhibition - 27th June - 8th July 2022

Stone & Vision Awards 2022


This is a photographic award seeking images which excite and promote discussion about stone and terrazzo in the built environment.

As this is the first year we are offering this Award, we are excited to see what wonderful images and insights the entries will be from everyone. Winning images will be published in Architecture Today.

To see all the shortlisted photographs visit the Building Centre 26 Store St, London WC1 7BT

27th June – 8th July 2022

WINNERS announced 30th June 2022


We’re here to help. If you have any questions with the platform or your entry, please contact us: lorna@inopergroup.com

Exchange Square. Photo © Tom Rothery

Winners 2022

Joshua Page
Henley Halebrown Architects

Kunsthalle, Basel, Switzerland. This image captures the entrance stair to Switzerland’s oldest contemporary art institution. I was taken by the warmth of the space, and the tactile contrast between the stucco walls and the stone handrail.

Athena Thrasyvoulou
Architectural Association
School of Architecture

Drone photography of Albion Stone Factory, Isle of Portland.
The shot shows the accumulation of unwanted Portland Stone pieces in the yard.

David Valinsky
David Valinsky Architect

Trinity Lane, Cambridge – ‘collage’ looking towards Clare College Chapel. All three buildings in the photograph (l,r,c) are built from the same Kettonstone, the setting sun sets the wall of the chapel on fire.

Yuan McCabe
Weedon Architects

Entrance of The Senator Group, Birmingham. ‘Written in stone’, the emphasis is on permanence. However, in the face of time, even stone is fluid. The erosion in this stone step is a record of time – does everyone turn right out of this office?

2022 Shortlist

Richard Battye
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Keval Patel
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Athena Thrasyvoulou
Architectural Association School of Architecture

Marcus Baron

Marcus Baron

Michael Cradock
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

David Valinsky
David Valinsky Architect

Sanya Polescuk
Sanya Polescuk Architects

Evelyn Yueer Wang

Frank Gilks
Morrow + Lorraine

Richard Gill
Paul Archer Design

Elena Aleksandrov
Jonathan Tuckey Design

Yuan McCabe
Weedon Architects

Yuan McCabe
Weedon Architects

Elena Aleksandrov
Jonathan Tuckey Design

Joshua Page
Henley Halebrown Architects

Emma Flanagan
pH+ Architects

Nikola Da Silva Azevedo
Architectural Association School of Architecture

Sally Morrow
Morrow + Lorraine

Submission guidelines & official rules

Dates & Location

Submission deadline: 3rd June, 2022

The shortlisted images will be exhibited as printed A3 panels from 27th June – 8th July in the Building Centre, London.

The category winners and a student winner (the best image overall from the 3 categories)  will be announced at the Awards evening, Thursday 30th June 2022.


We are seeking images which excite and show an imagination in the photography and the subject matter. The photographs can be abstract or a full building, as long as they depict stone or terrazzo. We are also interested in sustainability and recycling, for example images of terrazzo or buildings which have been given a new lease of life by their use of material.

A. Commercial  including workplace, retail, leisure, education and public buildings

B. Landscape public or private spaces

C. Private buildings this can be a private house or a small project

Further information

  1. This award is open to architects, landscape architects, interior designers and architecture students in the UK.
  2. Each image entered into the Awards must be submitted electronically through the InOpera Link.
  3. Each Entrant is permitted to submit up two images in each category, with a possible 6 images entered in total.


Copyright, remains with the photographer but agrees for InOpera to use the images for all their marketing purposes including press.

About the Award



Amin Taha

Amin Taha was born in Berlin, lived in Baghdad, Southend-on-Sea before London where he hasn’t moved much. He is currently chairperson at Groupwork Employee Ownership Trust, teaches and lectures on architecture, has sat for seven years with the RIBA’s National and International Awards jury, and more recently joined the Sir John Soane Museum as a trustee. Groupwork’s Clerkenwell Close quarry finished limestone exoskeleton was shortlisted for the RIBA’s 2021 Stirling Prize.
Timothy Soar2

Timothy Soar

Architectural Photographer
Timothy Soar started making architectural photographs on large format film in the 1980’s. He has run photography workshops at his own studios in Cumbria and London, teaching large format and digital techniques. He has been featured in numerous photography magazines and been a regular contributor to The Architects’ Journal and Architecture Today Magazine.  He has photographed architecture from Seattle to Sydney and has worked with 3 Pritzker Prize Winners, 5 Stirling Prize winners, 7 RIBA Gold Medal Winners and 9 Stirling Prize Nominees.

Phil Coffey

Coffey Architects
Phil Coffey founded Coffey Architects in 2005 to pursue a passion for architecture, natural light, and the environment. He is a hands-on studio leader and enjoys the process of building strong client relationships to deliver exceptional projects, both large and small that inspire and delight. Phil’s involvement runs from design conception through to completion. He has led Coffey Architects to win numerous major design awards and recognitions. Phil is a regular contributor to the debate on architecture and urbanism, including public speaking and written and broadcast commentary for press.
Enzo Favro

Enzo Favro

In Opera Group
Enzo Favro, the MD of the In Opera Group, graduated with a post-graduate in International Trade in 1990. Following a stint with two market leaders in the textile and man-made materials, he started the In Opera Group with a select number of terrazzo and stone factories in Italy. Enzo’s passion for architecture and insight into the stone manufacturing and supply process allowed him to develop a unique business model that links the architects and designers in the UK directly with the manufactures. His hands-on approach and technical expertise has shaped the In Opera Group to become not just a supplier but a partner for his clients throughout numerous projects completed over the last 30 years.

Organiser & Sponsor

In Opera Group is a leading specialist in terrazzo, resin agglomerate and one of the largest natural stone and mosaic suppliers in the UK, complemented with a full range of architectural porcelain tiles and slabs. The company comprises the largest factories and manufacturers in the sector based in Italy, Portugal and the Balkan Peninsula. It has worked closely with the architectural firms in charge of projects, such as Heathrow and Gatwick International Airports, Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Academy of Arts and other iconic sites and buildings across the UK.



1. Information
1.1 By entering the InOpera Stone & Vision Awards each of the entrant agrees to be bound by these terms.
1.2 The award is open only to practising architects, landscape architects, interior designers and architecture students in the UK.
1.3 Each image entered into the Awards must be submitted electronically through the InOpera Link.
1.4 The Closing Date for the Awards is 3rd June, 2022
1.5 Each Entrant is permitted to submit up two images in each category, with a possible 6 images entered in total.

2. Image Rights
2.1 All Images must be in the sole and exclusive ownership of the Entrant and must not infringe on the copyright of any other party.
2.2 The copyright in respect of each Image will remain with the entrant before and after submission to the Awards, with rights granted for InOpera to use for all their marketing purposes, including press.
2.3 The entrant will be credited in any instance of publication in any media form using their name as provided by that Entrant in their submission(s).
2.4 The entrant agrees to grant the Admin a non-exclusive Licence (the “Licence”) to reproduce, publish and exhibit the copyright owner’s Images upon entering the Awards.
2.5 The Licence applies to instances that directly or indirectly involve the Awards, including, but not limited to, displaying of the photographs at public events, usage by the Admin on the InOpera website, for publicity, in email transmission, in print media, and Admin operated social media.
2.6 The Licence will also extend to instances where the Admin requires the transmission of copyrighted material for the printing of publicity posters, banners or leaflets and guides as well as associated publicity.
2.7 The Entrant gives permission for the Admin to send the copyright owner’s Entry (image files and Captions) to the Award’s Judges to facilitate the judging process.
2.8 In cases of inadvertent unaccredited disclosure to the public of any material the Admin can take no responsibility. The Admin will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Licence is not breached by accidental disclosure of Images to the public.

3. File Upload Specifications
3.1 All Entries must be submitted in digital JPEG format, A3+ 300dpi hi resolution, upright format.
3.2 It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure that each Entry meets with the requirements by saving the files with no watermarks, stencil, borders or signatures on the Image file itself.
3.3 Entries deemed by the Admin in its sole discretion to have been entered into an incorrect category may be moved to an appropriate category without giving notice to the Entrant.
3.4 Images entered into the Awards do not have to have been taken in the Award year, and can be from any time in the past.

4. Caption Submissions
4.1 A caption (the “Caption”) must be submitted with every Entry into the Awards.
4.2 Captions must include background information about the Entry, such as any motivations the Entrant may have held for the Image and special circumstances surrounding the moment and/or Image.

5. The Judging Process
5.1 The judging is performed by a panel of independent judges (the “Judges”). The Judges are selected by the Admin and are appointed to their role by the Admin.
5.2 Once the Admin has presented the vetted folders of Entries to the Judges, the Judges decide (in their sole discretion) on the Entries that score highest in each category. These Entries are stored securely during the judging process.
5.3 Notification to an Entrant that an Image submitted by that Entrant has been selected for an award is done in the strictest confidence. Entrants are forbidden to disclose any details of any winning Entries to any third party in any way until the Admin grants that Entrant written permission to do so, or until the Admin makes a public announcement that identifies that Entrant’s Entry as a winning Entry (if earlier).

6. Ethical Requirements
6.1 The Admin respects the rights of nature, and laws of the United Kingdom. As such, any and all breaches of the laws of the United Kingdom may be grounds for disqualification from the Awards.
6.2 Each Entrant retains full responsibility for obtaining any permissions needed to display the content of their Image in the Awards, or on the InOpera website. This includes abiding by national and international law, seeking permits and permissions for accessing the land on which the photograph was taken and the rights to any and all brands, faces or persons featured in the Entry being legally sought. The Admin accepts no responsibility for those Entrants that fail to comply with this and shall be held harmless by the Entrant for any liabilities associated with such infractions.
6.3 All Entrants must ensure their submissions have been ethically obtained. This includes respect for nature, habitat, animals, personal property and trespass laws.

7. Data Protection
7.1 All personal data, as defined under the Data Protection Act 2018, collected by the Admin will be managed and protected in accordance of the Data Protection Acts of 1998 and 2018.
7.2 Personal data will be collected in a way pertinent to the facilitating of the Awards, and event as laid out on the electronic submission form.
7.3 The Entrant’s contact email addresses and name data will be stored and added to a mailing list that will solely involve the Awards and event activity.
7.4 Entrants may contact the Admin at any time to delete or update that Entrant’s details on the Admin’s record using lorna@inoperagroup.com
7.5 If any Entrant wishes to unsubscribe from the mailing list, this facility will be made available to them and the Entrant should send this request to lorna@inoperagroup.com