The FLOT® system is undoubtedly a modern, functional technique in the field of raised floors. This system consists of modular, adjustable supports that can easily and safely fit to any kind of floor. To obtain the finished panel it is necessary to combine the polyurethane resins and the finishing surface covering (20/30 mm thickness) in an appropriately-shaped galvanised steel chamber.

This system makes laying easy, quick and clean. The inside and outside of the frame differ both in terms of the shape and in the material they are made of: the outer side is made of PP and is entirely corrosion-resistant(not suitable for indoor use as it is fire resistance class I), while the inside is made of galvanised steel.

The panels of the FLOT® system can be made of different natural materials – in the case both of marble and granite – or they can be bonded, such as agglomerated marble and marble cement. For indoor use we provide polished, smoothed and brushed surfaces; for outdoor use we produce bushhammered, micro-bushhammered, sandblasted and water-sandblasted surfaces. In addition, we can provide a special SCRATCHED surface – exclusive to us – for marble panels, which is ideal for outdoor paving (see the “Surfaces” section for further information).

The FLOT® system allows for easy, quick and clean laying and proves to be a very practical method by simply placing the FLOT® supports over the waterproofing membrane or over any other surface to be paved. After the first approximate adjustment, the self-levelling head renders laying easier and compensates for the inclinations of the support below.

The work is completed with pinpoint precision using the adjusting wrench, while with the appropriate suction cap-hoist it is possible to easily lift the panels for inspection and replace them as they were.