FLOT® sytem: structure for indoor use

The structure for indoor use consists of:

  • feet (s), adjustable in height from 5 to 150 cm. Head made of 3 mm galvanised pressed steel and equipped with panel holding device; sound-deadening upper head gasket in PVC; threaded stem in M16 galvanised steel; base in galvanised pressed steel, appropriately ribbed. If the supporting slab is not perfectly flat, the base will be stuck to it using special polyurethane adhesives;
  • T18 or T38 ribbed profiles made of galvanised steel, fitted with sound-deadening gaskets, used to link the feet together in such a way as to create the structure grid. The thickness is always 10/10 mm, while the height can vary from 18 mm for floors with light loads to 38 mm for floors designed to withstand heavier loads. In this second case, it is necessary to use a heavy frame composed of an appropriately-shaped 3-mm pressed head (SP) to hold the pressure-screwed tubular beams, a threaded stem made of M16 galvanised steel, an appropriately-ribbed galvanised pressed steel base, beams obtained by cutting tubular galvanised steel into bars with a 50×25 mm rectangular section, 1 mm thickness and 1800/560 mm length, equipped with self-adhesive sound-deadening gaskets (TP).