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How we are going green towards sustainable design future

We are ISO – 14001 certified since 2018

At InOpera Group, we are putting in a great effort to develop a business process that promotes sustainability and thoughtful consumption.

Since our moon-shot Mission Zero initiative back in 2017, to decrease its environmental footprint, we’ve achieved tremendous results. We are ISO – 14001 certified since 2018 and putting in place new measures to fulfil our mission every year.

We focused on three key areas of our business to achieve the target:

  1. Factories and suppliers
  2. Packaging and delivery
  3. Everyday office activities
Image at the top: Bosco Verticale, Milan, Italy. The building facade is made out of porcelain from Cotto D’Este. Image credit: Cotto D’Este

Factories and Suppliers

Marble factory polishing process
Marble polishing process

We aim to collaborate with factories and manufacturers that pay close attention to their manufacturing procedures.

We work with suppliers that are ISO-14001 certified and compliant with European environmental standards and regulations.

Redeveloping and rehabilitating resource-depleted quarries was one of the main practices that were inherited in the production process. Recycling the quarry wastes and re-filling the gaping holes in the earth helps the industry prevent harmful environmental impacts caused by abandoned quarries.

Packaging and Delivery

Terrazzo samples
Terrazzo samples. Check our materials

We maintain a large stock of a product and material samples in our London warehouse, ready to be delivered to our customers any time. All of our samples arrive packaged in cardboard and pallets and are bulk-shipped to us directly from our suppliers in Northern Italy.

Cardboard is biodegradable, but if it goes to landfill it will generate greenhouse gas, as it breaks down.

It has become an integral practice for us to re-use and re-purpose those cardboard boxes, pallets and paddings. We mostly reuse them when we package individual sample orders for our end customers.

As a result, we save tons of perfectly functional packaging material from going into waste.

Also, since November 2018, we started to use bio-degradable envelope sleeves for sample packaging and postage.

Everyday office activities

Terrazzo counter top sustainable design
Terrazzo countertop we’ve supplied in the past. Visit our projects

Our aim to fulfil the Mission Zero is channelled through every capacity of our business.

We have adapted the most basic principles of environmental management into our daily work and habits. This includes, seemingly minor, yet impactful choices, like, going digital, printing less, using public transport for client meetings and working remotely, when we can.

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It’s the small choices today that bring big changes tomorrow.